Friday, May 16, 2008

Creationists are bad at math

Yeah, it's nothing new, but I'm in the midst of a "discussion" with a raving creationist and he trotted out the "random emergence of life is impossible" argument. Since this stupid argument is still being used, I may as well post a simple and concise rebuttal in case anyone finds it and thinks it's useful.

This argument falls apart when you consider the central fallacy. Creationists invariably choose something, in my most recent experience an enzyme, and say that "the chance that this would appear randomly is less than 1 in 10^50, therefore it is impossible." Well, yeah. That's what evolution is for. It evolved little by little. Duh.

So next time someone tries this idiocy on you, throw this back at them:

Deal out a deck of cards, one by one, and write down the order in which the cards are dealt. The chance of dealing the first card is 1 in 52. The chance of dealing the next card is 1 in 51 (since there is one less card in the deck now). Continue this on until you've dealt out the entire deck, and multiply the probabilities to find the probability of dealing the deck in the order that you did.

You'll find that the probability is 1 in 8 x 10^67. According to creationists, that is impossible. But it happened! Whoops.

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