Thursday, April 3, 2008

I feel...empty

I apologize to anyone who read the title of this post and expected an angsty teen depression-log; the emptiness referred to is not in the dark abyss of my tortured soul, but rather in...wherever indignant anger lives. I started this blog because I've noticed that any blog or website I've read so far claiming to be written by a Christian and which also addresses the topic of science seems to be authored by someone who falls into one of the following three categories:

1) a liar who make disingenuous or misleading claims to support their preconceived notion of reality
2) someone who has not done the proper research, and therefore draws naive and incorrect conclusions based on incomplete data
3) someone who is certifiably, frothing-at-the-mouth insane

Furthermore, any blog I've seen which addresses science in an intelligent manner, and which seems to be written by someone who is actually intelligent and educated in the topic of which they claim knowledge is written by an atheist.

That sucks.

There's nothing wrong with being an atheist, but the fact that the loudest Christians (in the United States, I can't claim knowledge of other countries) are also some of the most ill-informed, offensive, arrogant voices out there paints a very vivid picture for anyone who may be watching: atheists are smart, Christians are morons. This simply isn't true, but this idea has become pervasive, and will remain so, as long as every Christian that someone hears about spends all his/her time spewing anti-science garbage, pretending to "refute" scientific claims with made-up or misquoted sources, and sometimes (more often in some cases than in others) even outright lies.

This isn't a dichotomy, of course; nothing is. I created this blog because I fall into neither of these categories (anti-science creation nut or atheist), and I'm sure there are many others who hold a variety of views on faith and science. I found one blog recently written by a "secular Christian" that looks interesting. I haven't had time to read it yet, but the "about" page is intriguing at least. The problem, as I stated earlier, is that it seems like the loudest Christians are the loonies. Maybe the voices of a large number of us moderates can drown out the shrill shrieks of stupidity.

Now, this blog will not be focused primarily on issues of "creation vs. evolution" and the like. I'm going to write about whatever I feel like, from video games I'm playing to books I'm reading to anything interesting happening in the news. The point is just to show that someone can be a scientist and a Christian, and even believe in all that fancy evidence too.

So, back to the title. I guess I did write a bit, but when I decided to create a blog I was feeling really indignant about something or other that some stupid creationist said. Now that I've committed myself to write something about it, there's really nothing bothering me at the moment. I'm empty of annoyance. Oh well, I guess that's not really anything to complain about. I'll just end it here, and hope that someday I manage to post something that's interesting to someone.

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