Friday, April 18, 2008

That's Just Sick

In a video that can be seen here Ben Stein, narrator of the propaganda movie Expelled, which comes out today, asserts his belief that, if the theory of evolution is correct, then genocide is completely justifiable. I suggest you wait for it to load and skip straight to 20:30, where the remark in question is, because watching the 20 minutes before that may render you significantly stupider.

This presupposes some pretty ridiculous things. The central assumption is that evolution is incompatible with a belief in God. Even if you do believe in God (or any number of gods or other higher power(s)), why could they/He have not created the universe, beginning at the Big Bang, and left it to the laws of physics, having set it up specifically so that humans would evolve? Is Ben Stein willing to swear that his God, an all-powerful being that can do anything He wishes, somehow lacks the foresight to set up a system that will yield humans billions of years later? Somehow, He isn't smart enough to do that, so humans must be created in their present state? Whatever.

Also, how is it that knowledge that there is no creator leads to immorality in the first place? It's telling that creationists are the ones exploiting genocide to further their own political agendas, and intelligent people are the ones who are outraged at the callous disregard for human suffering. I'm not really sure what to argue against here, because the ID crowd simply asserts that no theism=no conscience. I haven't seen any supporting explanation to debunk.

If we are to take Expelled as the standard of Christian morality, I should think that a great many people would be opposed to this "Christianity" thing, because it's obviously nothing more than a school for training ignorant (or willfully deceitful), bigoted sociopaths. Of course, the IDiots are not representative of mainstream Christianity. But considering how loud they squawk about everything, that may come as a surprise to many.

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